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But in my later years I’ve realized that every successful relationship has this point at their core: If you take out the romantic connection, those two people would still hang out like nothing had changed. Well, besides all the dirty, filthy fucking. You can’t make a relationship work unless you actually enjoy each other’s non-sex company. And that thing people get in their heads, that friendship and relationships are opposite things, it’s hard to explain but it’s a different flavor of friendship, one where sex can break out at any time. Maybe we need a new word for it (and something less clinical sounding than “compatibility”). But no matter what you call it, that connection is the core of the relationship.

"There is a scene in that weekend episode where it was really challenging. It’s kind of this romantic weekend that turns into an interrogation, and it’s really elaborate and layered and way too much was going on, and ultimately, Brody puts a gun to Carrie’s head. And when that happened my adrenaline just spiked and actually my heart was—I couldn’t breathe. And it was good for that take and good for that moment, but then my body took over and the opposite occurred: everything dropped and all of my senses were totally dulled. And I had the whole other half of the day to do the rest of the scene where I was supposed to still be at that pitch and that adrenalized but my body wasn’t allowing me to go there. I think my imagination just got really tripped up, when a gun went to my head I stopped being able to differentiate pretend from reality." —Claire Danes on "The Weekend"

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